Use water to relieve joint pain


 Joint pain and how water can help

Your body is an amazing creature. From a circulatory perspective, your body is a river of water that is always flowing, flowing, cleansing and refreshing organs, tissues and cells. And your bones and joints.

 just like any other part of the body. Most of us have joint pain from time to time. It can be as simple as mild knee pain or as excruciating as a strained back muscle. Sometimes we know what's causing it (perhaps overexertion when we're not used to it), but we often don't know what's causing the pain we're experiencing.

What we don't realize is that poisons (or toxins if you prefer) can build up in joints and joint tissue, causing pain and inflammation. If we have unexplained joint pain, it is important to ensure that the body can get rid of this toxin. Water can do that for you. Make good use of it. If you have persistent, unexpected joint or bone pain, have it checked out by your doctor. But usually the answer can be found in the kitchen sink faucet. A registered nurse, Jim Huffman specializes in naturopathic and alternative medicine. His first book, Dare to Be Free: How to Take Control of Your Time, Your Life, and Your Nursing Career, was designed to help other nurses find fulfilling, dynamic careers.


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