Obesity: Lead to Diseases !

 Obese people often have unusual cravings for food. Food often becomes the only way to satisfy their various mood swings. If they are in great sorrow, they may turn to food for comfort, and if they are extremely happy, then food will still be their best friend. Their eating habits become so irregular that they fail to realize that all the food they eat is going to storage under their skin as unnecessary fat. This addition of layers of fat to their existing flab further worsens the condition. People who are overweight need to realize that eating is not the only solution to ward off their sorrows or to share their happiness with.

If you asked them or surveyed them, you would find that more than four out of five would be willing to do almost anything to get rid of their obesity. With the emergence of health clinics and gymnasiums everywhere, there is no shortage of people who are making money off of obese or overweight people. These health clinics have certainly commercialized the treatment of weight reduction. If you picked up the newspaper, you would see several upcoming fitness centers that promise weight reduction within a specified period. 


The most important thing is, people who are overweight or obese are often blamed for any new treatment that is found. The most amusing thing about these health clubs that promise to reduce your obesity is that they charge extremely high rates, and it's only when your weight is considerably high that you'll benefit from a discount. But people who are seriously overweight must realize by now that simply skipping meals is not an effective way to lose weight. It is very likely that you will start gaining weight again as soon as you leave this program. As earlier said, obesity is not simply being overweight, but a disease in its own right. Similarly, you should seek medical attention for your obesity, just as you would for any other disease. You should consult a general physician for your condition.


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