Relation between obese Mothers And Obese kids !


 A study published in the US Clinical Nutrition Magazine shows that doctors begin to focus on overweight parents. "We see a sharp growth of bodily cholesterol from three to six years," Dr. Robert Bergovitz headed, who has not reached the age of 4 years. "We need to make preventive and therapeutic programs at a very early age." Everyone knows how to lose weight after excessive weight. 

His team is now working on the diet and physical habits of the families they studied, but he said other studies show that genes definitely play a role. The biggest evidence is the dramatic weight gain between the ages of 3 and 6 years. According to his study, 33% of children of overweight women quickly gained weight after 3 years. Out of 37 children of mothers with a healthy weight, only one child was overweight. Now all overweight women have a great reason to lose weight and get healthy!

Bergovitz explained that some children have a combination of genes from what he calls a "toxic" Western environment where exercise is difficult and food is plentiful. He does not consider diet as the only cause of obesity. Obviously, diet isn't the only factor, because there are a lot of skinny people who eat hamburgers. The soft group stays soft, but the risky group exits.


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