Shaving _Make It Easy


Shaving tools it takes experimentation and practice to achieve the desired shaving results. This list of tips will guide you through the shaving experiment and development process until you find the best way to get the best results:

Avoid shaving the first time you wake up after going to bed, as body fluids can swell the skin and make shaving more difficult.Use pre-shave products such as soaps, foams, creams and gels. They lock in moisture in the hair, help keep it straight and reduce friction so the blade glides smoothly over the skin. You can also use shaving oil to ensure a close shave and protect your skin as the blades glide across the surface. Once you've found the right shaving oil for you, there's usually no need to use other shaving accessories.Use the pop-up trimmer to remove stray hairs that the shaver didn't remove once or twice.
Never share razors or razors with other people to avoid skin infections. Touch alerts you to stubs and missed spots that can be hard to see in the mirror. Always wet your hair for at least 3 minutes first. Hair absorbs moisture so it can stand up and shave more easily. Wet hair also reduces blade wear. Shaving after showering is the perfect time. 

 Great care is required, especially in skeletal areas such as the ankles or knees.
Underarm hair grows in all directions, so you may need to stroke from side to side and up and down to catch all the hair. For the bikini line, shave in the direction of the hairline and avoid re-shaving to reduce irritation of this very sensitive area.


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