Facelift - Is it Worth the Risk?


This is a very good question. A facelift is a major surgery that comes with all the risks associated with surgery, including blood loss, discomfort, scarring and recovery. A facelift is also expensive.


There are risks to consider, one of which is a hematoma, a collection of blood under the skin that must be surgically removed. Another cause is damage to the nerves that control the facial muscles, although this is less common.It's an emergency. Please don't force yourself to get a lift from someone else. This is a completely personal decision and only you should make it. Ask yourself why you are with a person who appreciates you only because of your appearance. Respect yourself, you are more than your appearance! Better focus on your relationship and leave your face alone!

I think this will go away for a while, but it sounds like you have self-esteem issues.  If you still feel like a facelift improves your mood, by all means go ahead. I'm in my mid-fifties and I've noticed that my face is starting to sag a lot. I can afford the surgery and am considering doing it myself. It sounds like a good idea and you've thought about it and decided it's what you need, not what you need.

I recommend that you consult a professional surgeon and follow their advice on how to prepare for a facelift. It would be helpful to talk about any medications you are taking, and if you smoke, ask to stop smoking two weeks before your scheduled surgery. This will reduce recovery time.


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