Skin Care In Winter !


Because it is cooler in winter, the skin becomes drier than in summer. Strong wind causes the skin to lose more moisture and worsens the condition. Dermatologists believe that in winter at home is just as harmful for the skin as outside. Indoor heating can be very damaging to the skin.

With age, the skin becomes drier. Glands in the skin begin to shrink and eventually disappear. This reduces their ability to hydrate. The result is dry skin. The most important solution for damaged skin in winter is the use of a nourishing moisturizer. You should also consider skin thinning techniques: Make your fingers and toes happy. Don't forget these tips that will be hit hard in cold weather.

Then use an ultra-hydrating cream with aloe. Eat fatty foods. Foods rich in EPA omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish and flaxseeds, can help rejuvenate the skin. Please be kind Some say exfoliating (rub panties). Choose cotton clothes. For clothing that may come in contact with your skin, it is best to avoid fabrics such as wool, which can cause excessive friction and dryness on your skin.


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