Don't Stress and Anxiety


Worried about contamination with the new coronavirus? Did I press you for too long? Worried about what happens next? 

First, don't worry about tomorrow. Fear takes place in the mind. It usually involves having negative thoughts and insecurities about the consequences of things that may not happen, so worrying can be a waste of time and energy.


Did you notice what he wrote? She wrote, "Don't worry about tomorrow" instead of "Don't worry." This means that you and I may be worried. But don't worry about tomorrow yet. Our concern should be about what we have today and what awaits us right now.


Second, don't let stress put you off. When stressed, the body is rejuvenated and ready to face threats. When dealing with stress, it helps to find things that bring us joy. It causes a lot of anxiety and stress and can lead to mental illness, which makes the individual always sad. Life seems useless to a worried person. Don't dwell on it during an anxiety attack. I found a distraction. It helps you listen to good music. Indeed, kind, encouraging words in song can uplift the spirit. Remember that fear, stress, and negativity caused by fear can be overcome. To some extent, they may even help us change for the better. Accurate and timely responses will help solve problems. The discovery of skills and abilities takes place. And, intentionally, a better and healthier version of "self" is created.

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