Why the Ab Slide is the Hardest Abs Workout I’ve Ever Done

When it comes to abs workouts, I’ve done quite a few during my lifetime. None of them have been as difficult and challenging as the workout I got when I tried using an ab slide to work my abdominal and oblique muscles. The ab roller slide is a relatively new device (it’s been out for a couple of years), and started becoming popular via television advertising shows.

Usually I don’t try such devices because they end up being cheap, plastic-like pieces of equipment that, well, don’t usually work like they are supposed to and end up breaking or hurting me in the process. However, with the abs slide I found something a little different (although I still don’t like how they have marketed the tool).

What I found was that it is a great way to work your abs, if you are an experienced and strong fitness buff. I had been working out every day for over an hour (for several years) when I first tried it, and I will admit that I could not do the exercise properly until I had used it several times. However, once I got the exercise down it truly did do a great job at targeting and building my ab muscles and oblique muscles, and I would recommend it to any other serious and experienced fitness nuts who are looking for a very unique way to target those areas. However, I would not recommend this to the average person, and certainly would not recommend it to someone who is trying to get into shape and loose some weight around the belly.