Lead Free Sliding Sash Windows

Where one leading window manufacturer is concerned, customers need only take a brief glance at their website and the projects they’ve completed in the past to realise that they believe the most beautiful homes are those which match their surrounding environment. It’s clear then, that this firm aims to ensure this environment is preserved and protected at all costs, which is why they’ve refined their range of sliding sash windows so that they contain virtually no lead stabiliser. Not only does this help safeguard our world, it also offers health benefits for customers.

In previous years, PVC-U plastics required the use of a lead based stabiliser to increase PVC-U’s longevity and dispose of the hydrochloric acid which is released by the material as time progresses. However, not only is lead a material which is notoriously harmful to the environment when disposed of, it can also pose health risks.

As plastic containing lead stabilisers ages, it releases lead dust to the surface of the material which can then be inhaled or ingested from handling the item in question (window/door etc). While normal use would not usually result in health problems, the fact remains that homeowners could be bringing a potentially harmful substance into their home.

However, recent innovation has meant that calcium organic stabilisers now offer an alternative to lead stabilises with a comparative level of performance. This leading supplier has chemically tested the manufacturing process involved with these stabilisers to ensure they’re practically lead free, all as part of their quality assurance programme. This has also enabled them to ensure that they still provide the same high quality PVC-U windows that are expected of them.

This development is just the latest in a line of eco-friendly initiatives that this company has implemented. For example, they already recycle all of the cut offs produced during the manufacturing process.

This helps guarantee that none of the PVC-U used ends up in the ground. Add this, and organic stabilisers to this firm’s already economical window designs and clients can rest assured that their sliding sash windows offer energy efficiency, exquisite styling and environmental preservation in a balanced composite blend that is simply unavailable elsewhere.