Vocal Health Care With Eucalyptus Oil

Using essential oils to care for the voice can be extremely helpful for any voice professional. Essential oils work with the body to help heal whatever issue the body is dealing with. There are oils for almost any ailment a voice professional deals with. One difficult and pressing issue that happens to almost everyone, including voice professionals, is the issue of clogged sinuses.

We may go to sleep feeling fine and the next morning wake up with a completely clogged sinus passage. If you have a performance, rehearsal or presentation that day, you need to open your sinuses quickly and safely using a clearing agent that will not affect your voice adversely as prescription medications and over the counter drugs can do. Eucalyptus oil is an excellent way to do this.

Vocal Health Care Tool

If you wake up in the morning with a clogged sinus passage and need a very powerful agent to clear out your sinuses, here is a way to immediately clear out your sinuses and stay clear for your presentation or performance.

This is what you will need before you begin:
1) 1 bottle of quality Eucalyptus oil.
2) 2 Q-tips
3) A warm shower

Turn on your shower to a heat you can handle without it being to hot on your skin. Put a number of towels at the bottom of the door so the steam from the shower does not escape under the door. Just steaming alone is excellent and essential for proper vocal health care and when your vocal apparatus is under siege; however, this procedure will speed healing even more.

Before you get into the shower, take each Q-tip and dip it in the Eucalyptus oil making sure it is covered completely and soaked. Put the Eucalyptus oil and Q-tips on a clean towel or tissue on the counter next to the shower or somewhere close so you can reach them from the shower. Before you get into the shower, spill a few drops of Eucalyptus oil on the floor of the shower. Be careful how much you use; if you use too much, the oil may burn your feet, so just a few drops.

Get into the shower and breathe deeply and slowly allowing the mixture to fill your lungs. Take a few minutes to let the steam and mix of Eucalyptus oil begin opening up your sinus passages. After you have begun to allow the steam open you up, take one oil-soaked Q-tip and insert it into one nostril. Very gently and slowly, slide the Q-tip up into your sinus passage, making sure it goes all the way up into your sinus passage as far as it can go. Next, slowly and even more gently twist and turn the Q-tip so it coats your entire sinus passage.

Now slowly pull the Q-tip out as you feel the openness in your sinus cavity and the energy of the oil working.

Take the other oil soaked Q-tip and do the same thing to your other sinus passage.

Within 30 seconds (or sooner) you will probably begin to sneeze longer and stronger than you ever have before! This is the clearing power of the oil and your sinus passages expelling all the mucus and bacteria that has been clogging you up. In addition, the oil will slide down into the back of your throat opening, cleaning, and clearing out any mucus or bacteria.

If you are a voice professional, someone who uses their voice to make a living, this clearing is something I recommend you do every couple of weeks. It is another tool in the tool box of your own personal vocal health care regimen.

As always, I wish you the best on your quest for Superior Vocal Health.

How to Fix an Inflatable Water Slide: The Four Most Common Problems

Inflatable water slides have become extremely popular and if you are lucky enough to own one you know why. You have come to the right place if you are looking for info on how to fix an inflatable water slide. Banzai Falls happens to be one of the most recognized brands available and one of the best selling. Unfortunately they also seem to be one of the most problematic slides too.

There are some repairs that are easy to fix and some that are beyond all hope. I am going to cover the four most common problems and how you can take care of them yourself and save what is probably one of your kids favorite toys.

1. Mold: Well summer is here again and that that first hot day your kids are begging for the water slide and you unpack it from storage and find it is all moldy. Mold is unsightly and could be a possible health hazard but sometimes if it is not too extensive you can get rid of it. Start by getting a leaner that is safe for polyester canvas I would recommend Aurora Boat Clean Plus. You may want to consider washing your inflatable once a year to help keep is clean.

2. Tear or Puncture in the Fabric: No matter how careful you are with your inflatable water slide a tear or puncture can happen. You may not notice it until you inflate the slide and notice that is is under inflated or not inflating at all. If this happens you should start to hunt for tear in the fabric.

If your slide will not inflate at all the damage may be extensive enough that you can easily find it. If your slide is only slightly less inflated it probably means that the tear is small and may be difficult to find. A trick to make this easier is to inflate the slide and squirt it with a spray bottle filled with a mixture of dish soap and water. If you have a leak the escaping air should cause the mixture to bubble and you can identify the source of your problem. Once you find the leak you may want to check the rest of the slide to make sure there is not more than one.

To repair a rip or tear in the fabric you start by sewing up the hole this is to prevent it from getting bigger. Once you have sewn it up you will need some adhesive and a piece of material for a patch. You can purchase a canvas repair kit from almost anywhere that sells camping equipment they should have them for repairing tents.

Follow the directions that come with the kit just make sure you use a patch big enough to cover the entire rip. If the patch materials are not big enough you can use more than one piece just make sure you overlap the seams by about 1 inch.

3. Splitting Seams: Unfortunately if your slide is coming apart at the seams you have the hardest type of repair to make. Most of the time this type of damage may be too extensive to fix but since these slides are expensive you probably want to give it a shot. You are going to follow the same steps as repairing a hole.

Start by sewing the seam up, be sure to go a little beyond where the split stops. After that is done you are going to cover with the patch material. Then cross your fingers and turn the blower on if the slide holds air then give yourself a pat on the back.

4. A Defective or Broken Blower: If the blower unit is bad unless you have experience with electrical motor repairs then you should really replace it. You can purchase replacement blowers on eBay for anywhere from $50 – $200 depending on the type and condition. You will need to match the blower size and strength to the one you have for it to function correctly.

Banzai Falls is not the only maker of inflatable water slides there are other brands like Blast Zone and Bounceland which in my opinion offer a higher quality product. Banzai seems to have a lot of trouble with durability which leads so many people looking for directions on how to them. I hope you are able to repair your slide but if not check out some of the other brands.

A Look at Slide Cutting – Advanced Hairdressing Techniques Made Easy

A professional hair stylist is never without learning. Even if it’s not a new technique there is the constant review of various hairstyles and cuts that must be carried out. One of the hair cutting techniques that any hairstylist must be fully adept at is slide cutting.

The very first step that must be taken is to ensure that the proper tools are being used in any hair care service. In this case, the proper scissors are going to be the priority. Due to the complexity of slide cutting it demands the use of high precision scissors. You can identify these particular one because you will not see a separate edge as the blade is or should be fully convex. They certainly are not cheap as the price ranges between $400-$600. There are most likely cheaper ones on the market but they most probably are not authentic and will only result in an inferior job. This in turn may mean losing customers which means lost revenue.

These particular scissors are versatile in being used in all open blade techniques and being as they have finer edges you will achieve a soft cut. As in most cases the more precise an instrument, it is the greater care it demands. Dropping these scissors could end up chipping the edges. In addition, they will require regular maintenance. When it comes to choosing the material of the scissors, you will have the choice of stainless steel or cobalt alloy. The stainless steel is not capable of heavy cutting, whereas the alloy works well on heavy slide cutting.

It must be remembered that the purpose of these scissors is to ensure you don’t lose the line of the cut but are still removing the heavy portion of the hair. This is not the same as slicing or feathering which is a separate technique all together and has its own scissor requirements. The slide cutting is to be incorporated into a structured haircut and should provide natural movement and softness. As you can see, it would be best suited for medium or coarse hair. That doesn’t mean that these scissors don’t have a use when it comes to fine hair, as they can be utilized to create movement here as well but also will create a lift.

Based on the scissors capabilities they have to be used with specific techniques. It is imperative that the scissors be very sharp, and that is where your regular maintenance of your equipment comes in. Wet hair is not as bulky as dry hair, so if you cut the hair when it is dry you will be able to preview the outcome and use this as your guide. Hold the scissors open approximately by one third as this gives you the best cutting angle and allows for a smooth stroke. In this technique, use a 25-30 degree angle. Ensure you don’t cut in close proximity to the scalp and watch you don’t cut into the base line.

The results you are looking for with this technique will only be perfected by practice. It will not matter how hard you try to achieve desirable results if you do not have the precision scissors to attain the look then your work will be inferior. It will be because of the improper equipment as opposed to your ability to carry out the techniques.