The Beauty of Interior Sliding Doors

In terms of modern interior design, the use of interior sliding doors is not only stylish and modern, but an excellent way of saving space and utilising available room to the best effect.

Any door opening can be converted given adjacent available wall space that can be used when the door is opened. Using rails affixed to the door frame, the sliding door is easy to use for those who may find a conventionally opening door difficult in certain circumstances, and also gives an impression of modernity and attention to style and substance.

Many different types of door can be accommodated, with a popular version being a glass panelled door. This gives the added advantage of extra light in the room – particularly when used as an entrance between two rooms in the centre of the house.

Wooden doors in the traditional style can also be found, these keeping the regular look of a room while incorporating the added advantages of the sliding door method. An attractive panelled door style is popular with many buyers, although plain doors without the panels can give a more effective look in a room that is designed to be modern in style.

Doing away with the traditional arc that is rendered as dead space by the opening of a standard door can be a very effective way of creating extra space in a room that needs such attention.

Smaller rooms can gain a few extra square metres of available space simply by removing the necessary opening area that a standard door requires. In that space can go a table, a chair, a sideboard or other furniture, or even the television and audio systems that take up space in an otherwise useful corner of the room.

The use of this type of door is further enhanced by the simplicity of the opening and closing mechanism, which operates via a system of bearings that ensure a smooth and stylish action with no sticking or difficulty endured.

Apart from use in homes and dwellings, the sliding door can be of great use in commercial premises. The sliding door can be left permanently open for ease of access between offices, for instance, yet closed when privacy is needed thus taking away the open plan aspect in an instant.

In factory premises this opening and closing method can be of even greater use, as it is possible to mechanise the action for use remotely thus allowing transportation between areas yet keeping them segregated for health and safety purposes.

Modern and stylish yet purposeful and innovative, the sliding door is a way of creating space and adding style, and of including a chic and innovative design feature into any home. It is of particular use to those who have limited space, giving access to those vital few extra square metres, and can be utilised to create extra light in potentially dark areas. An innovation that promises to take interior design to greater heights, the interior sliding door is here to stay.

A Party of Health

It was Sunday afternoon when I arrived at my 8 year old friends’ birthday party. It seems like it wasn’t too many years ago when I was at his mother’s 8th birthday. Yes, times flies when you are having fun.

The party was fun; kids slipping and sliding on a big water slide jumping in and out of the pool, lots of yelling, music, and lucky me I just came for the last hour. They had all the kids’ type of foods that you could imagine, thankfully for me they had a lot of fruit so I was good. There were quite a few babies and a handful of expectant mothers as well. Interesting enough the conversation was about healthy food, vegan diets, non-GMO and veggie diets, and yoga.

Yes, people are waking up to the non-healthy foods being put on the market by the big food companies. They are even trying to lower the standards for organic foods; saying that a little bit of poison will not hurt you. That’s not the point. It’s the toxic build up over the years that will eventually get you. For the most part our medical providers still haven’t connected the food as medicine concept.

I was talking to a cancer patient the other day that just returned from what he called a delicious breakfast of pancakes. He said, “They also have the best bacon there, crispy just the way I like it.” I asked him, “Did your doctor have any suggestions about your diet?” “Yep! He sure did, but those pancakes are so good I just can’t resist them.”

In the past you would hear that a lot from people that just didn’t believe that diet and health had anything to do with each other. Well let me tell you your food is your medicine and you would be wise to let your medicine be your food. Cancer is a horrible disease and they say that 1 out of 2 people will experience it in their lifetime. It used to be 1 out of 10 people and I believe it has a lot to do with our food and how our environment is polluted with chemicals.

Did you know that tumors live on sugar, and carbs are sugar?

What can you do to protect your family from getting sick?

1. Take soda out of your diet forever and never give it to your children.

2. Fried foods will heat you up from the inside and eventually give you cancer. Boil it, bake it, but never fry it.

3. Don’t ever drink tap water. It’s filled with chemicals and will age you quicker than you could imagine.

4. Most meats in the USA are filled with hormones and antibiotics; including chicken, pork, and beef. If you get a chance watch the movie “Food Inc.” and you’ll never eat meat again.

5. Exercise, but not any type of exercise. Practice exercises that will heal your organs from the inside out. Such as, Qi Gong, Yoga, & Tai Chi Don’t wait until you get sick, start the changes now. Little by little, start eliminating the toxic foods out of your diet. Make soda the number one choice. Soda is carbonated, which will make your system acidic. Begin a program of internal exercises.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

Understanding Smegma – What Is It, and How Does It Affect Penis Health?

Any man who is uncircumcised is familiar with the cheesy, sticky, white or yellowish substance that tends to build up underneath the foreskin. This pasty, often smelly substance – known commonly as smegma — is generally regarded as unpleasant and dirty. On the other hand, smegma does, in fact, play an important role in penis health, so it is worth learning more about it and understanding its purpose before dismissing it as a source of disgust and embarrassment.

What is smegma, exactly?

The lining of the foreskin secretes a mucousy substance that serves as a lubricant; it is analogous to the tears that lubricate the eyes and prevent the eyelids from sticking to their surface. In the same manner, this mucousy fluid allows the foreskin and glans to slide over each other and protects the glans from irritation. As the foreskin and glans rub together, dead skin cells are shed; because of the presence of the foreskin, they do not fall away, but instead combine with the mucous – as well as sweat and other body fluids – to form the paste that is known as smegma.

In spite of its image as dirty, smegma is actually harmless; in fact, it has antiviral properties that can help to protect the penile tissue. In infants, it is especially important, as it forms a barrier that shields the delicate glans from the harmful effects of urine. On the other hand, while it serves a beneficial purpose, smegma can also cause problems if it is allowed to build up underneath the foreskin; therefore, adequate hygiene measures are needed to prevent these from occurring.

Potential problems caused by smegma build-up

Over time, smegma build-up can cause a variety of problems:

1) When smegma becomes thick, dry and waxy, it can actually cause the foreskin to stick to the glans, rather than allowing them to slide over each other naturally. When the foreskin cannot be retracted over the glans – a condition known as phimosis – men may experience discomfort or even pain during sex.

2) Trapped smegma also provides a haven for bacteria. When these microorganisms take up residence under the foreskin, their presence can trigger an immune system response, leading to swelling of the foreskin, pain, redness and even a smelly discharge. This condition is known as balanitis, and it is responsible for about 1 in 10 visits to sex clinics or urologists by men.

3) While less serious than phimosis or balanitis, built-up smegma can cause a distinctive, foul odor that can be a considerable source of embarrassment. Removing the smegma regularly can reduce this unpleasant, fishy smell.

On the other hand, it is important to point out that the sebaceous glands that produce the mucousy oil actually produce a fishy odor on their own. This smell can be heightened by the hormones that are released during sex; many men report that they notice a strong, fishy odor immediately after sex or masturbation. This is not related to smegma, and it is not easily washed away.

In addition to these problems, there is a widespread perception that the presence of smegma can cause cancer. Researchers have, in fact, discovered a link between smegma and penile cancer; however, it is believed that the smegma itself does not cause cancer. Rather, it is the irritation that occurs when the area under the foreskin is not cleaned carefully that is responsible for the cellular changes that can lead to cancerous tumors.

Proper care for the penis

In order to prevent problems that can occur when smegma is allowed to accumulate under the foreskin, proper hygiene measures are necessary. First, the penis should be washed in warm water every day. The foreskin should be gently retracted (never forced) to expose the glans, and any smegma that is present should be wiped away with the finger tips. The use of very hot water, or of strong soaps or shower gels, is not recommended, because these can deplete the body of its natural lubricating oils; the detergents in ordinary soaps can cause irritation. After washing, the skin should be dried carefully and the foreskin rolled back into place.

Some men choose to use deodorants or fragrances to deal with odors. However, this is not a good idea, as again, the chemicals in these products can cause irritation. On the other hand, use of a good penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that contains vitamin A – a natural antibacterial ingredient – can help to control odors as well as soften and strengthen the skin. A product like this can be applied daily to improve overall penis health.