A Look at Slide Cutting – Advanced Hairdressing Techniques Made Easy

A professional hair stylist is never without learning. Even if it’s not a new technique there is the constant review of various hairstyles and cuts that must be carried out. One of the hair cutting techniques that any hairstylist must be fully adept at is slide cutting.

The very first step that must be taken is to ensure that the proper tools are being used in any hair care service. In this case, the proper scissors are going to be the priority. Due to the complexity of slide cutting it demands the use of high precision scissors. You can identify these particular one because you will not see a separate edge as the blade is or should be fully convex. They certainly are not cheap as the price ranges between $400-$600. There are most likely cheaper ones on the market but they most probably are not authentic and will only result in an inferior job. This in turn may mean losing customers which means lost revenue.

These particular scissors are versatile in being used in all open blade techniques and being as they have finer edges you will achieve a soft cut. As in most cases the more precise an instrument, it is the greater care it demands. Dropping these scissors could end up chipping the edges. In addition, they will require regular maintenance. When it comes to choosing the material of the scissors, you will have the choice of stainless steel or cobalt alloy. The stainless steel is not capable of heavy cutting, whereas the alloy works well on heavy slide cutting.

It must be remembered that the purpose of these scissors is to ensure you don’t lose the line of the cut but are still removing the heavy portion of the hair. This is not the same as slicing or feathering which is a separate technique all together and has its own scissor requirements. The slide cutting is to be incorporated into a structured haircut and should provide natural movement and softness. As you can see, it would be best suited for medium or coarse hair. That doesn’t mean that these scissors don’t have a use when it comes to fine hair, as they can be utilized to create movement here as well but also will create a lift.

Based on the scissors capabilities they have to be used with specific techniques. It is imperative that the scissors be very sharp, and that is where your regular maintenance of your equipment comes in. Wet hair is not as bulky as dry hair, so if you cut the hair when it is dry you will be able to preview the outcome and use this as your guide. Hold the scissors open approximately by one third as this gives you the best cutting angle and allows for a smooth stroke. In this technique, use a 25-30 degree angle. Ensure you don’t cut in close proximity to the scalp and watch you don’t cut into the base line.

The results you are looking for with this technique will only be perfected by practice. It will not matter how hard you try to achieve desirable results if you do not have the precision scissors to attain the look then your work will be inferior. It will be because of the improper equipment as opposed to your ability to carry out the techniques.