Lead Free Sliding Sash Windows

Where one leading window manufacturer is concerned, customers need only take a brief glance at their website and the projects they’ve completed in the past to realise that they believe the most beautiful homes are those which match their surrounding environment. It’s clear then, that this firm aims to ensure this environment is preserved and protected at all costs, which is why they’ve refined their range of sliding sash windows so that they contain virtually no lead stabiliser. Not only does this help safeguard our world, it also offers health benefits for customers.

In previous years, PVC-U plastics required the use of a lead based stabiliser to increase PVC-U’s longevity and dispose of the hydrochloric acid which is released by the material as time progresses. However, not only is lead a material which is notoriously harmful to the environment when disposed of, it can also pose health risks.

As plastic containing lead stabilisers ages, it releases lead dust to the surface of the material which can then be inhaled or ingested from handling the item in question (window/door etc). While normal use would not usually result in health problems, the fact remains that homeowners could be bringing a potentially harmful substance into their home.

However, recent innovation has meant that calcium organic stabilisers now offer an alternative to lead stabilises with a comparative level of performance. This leading supplier has chemically tested the manufacturing process involved with these stabilisers to ensure they’re practically lead free, all as part of their quality assurance programme. This has also enabled them to ensure that they still provide the same high quality PVC-U windows that are expected of them.

This development is just the latest in a line of eco-friendly initiatives that this company has implemented. For example, they already recycle all of the cut offs produced during the manufacturing process.

This helps guarantee that none of the PVC-U used ends up in the ground. Add this, and organic stabilisers to this firm’s already economical window designs and clients can rest assured that their sliding sash windows offer energy efficiency, exquisite styling and environmental preservation in a balanced composite blend that is simply unavailable elsewhere.

Affordable Health Care Options For Portland’s Uninsured

Being self-employed artists for nearly a decade, my husband and I know what it means to go without health insurance and health care. We practice preventative medicine such as exercising, eating healthy foods and taking vitamins, and we are both relatively healthy. Fortunately for us and many others like us, when we have had health-related problems, we are residents of Portland, Oregon. In Portland there exists a wealth of medical resources for low income families, from dentistry to chiropractics to alternative medicines. One such resource is The Coalition of Community Health Clinics, a group of 13 clinics that offer quality health care to Portland residents who are uninsured, underinsured and who would otherwise have no access to health care or necessary treatments. Most of the clinics bill patients on a sliding scale based on household income and many offer free emergency services for those who cannot afford to pay for medical care.

Here are just a few of the affordable options available to those who do not currently have health insurance or are underinsured:

The West Burnside Chiropractic Clinic is a teaching clinic of the Western States Chiropractic College, located in downtown Portland. They care for people with both acute and chronic musculoskeletal (back/neck) pain and the services are free or by donation. I discovered WBCC in 2005, while suffering from a herniated disc in my lower back. I was unable to sit for almost 6 months, and received treatment each week of that 6 months without charge. I continued to go for maintenance and flare-ups for the next few years. In 2008 I was back again with debilitating low back pain and, again, I received excellent care. This time, I was back to my old self within 6 weeks.

OHSU Family Medicine at Richmond is also a teaching clinic and is located in SE Portland. This clinic provides general medical services as well as chiropractic and acupuncture. Office visits for qualifying patients cost $25. Compare that to $120, which is what I paid the last time I took my child to a pediatrician for an ear infection!

The Outside In Medical Clinic, also located downtown, focuses mainly on Portland’s homeless youth and adults, as well as other low-income patients. They provide social, medical and mental health services, and a variety of disciplines including western, Chinese and naturopathic. They charge a $10 minimum sliding scale fee per visit.

The goal of The Coalition of Community Health Clinics is to improve access to quality health care for underserved populations in Portland and the surrounding area.

Finding Affordable Health Insurance While Pregnant

In the United States, there are currently approximately 41 million people who are uninsured. Throughout the health care debate, you have likely heard the statistics. Of this group, roughly 13 percent are women who are pregnant and due to either not having insurance or being under-insured, even, many will not get adequate prenatal care. Many insurance plans consider being pregnant a Prue-existing condition, and Medicaid only excepts pregnant women who meet certain income criteria, and this causes a great number to fall through the cracks. These women may make over the income guidelines and this causes a problem because pregnancy care is expensive- the average birth free of complications usually will cost around six to eight thousand dollars, alone. That’s to say nothing of the extremely high cost of a high risk situation. A cesarean birth usually runs around $10,638. Though under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, it is not technically a pre-existing condition, there may be some exceptions that cause a pregnant woman to be declined coverage. This is also only if the plan already includes maternity care, so, make sure that you’re clear on exactly where you stand with your insurer or with a prospective insurer.

If you are a pregnant woman who is uninsured, there may be options available to you. Firstly, make sure that you are ineligible for Medicaid- some people believe that they may not be eligible, when they actually are. Also, on a state by state basis you may find that there are other options available to you by checking with your state’s health department. There are also many health care discount programs out there that can help- doing some research on line and with your health care provider may help you to find those programs which can help you.

Another thing to consider as an option is a birthing center rather than a hospital. Many birthing centers will accept a non-complicated pregnancy on a sliding scale at a much lower cost than a hospital. Check around in your area to find out where the birthing centers closest to you are, and find out if perhaps you are able to utilize that option. Some hospitals actually also have a sliding scale program and if you speak to someone in the account office, and are willing to work out a payment plan for self pay patients.

These are just a few of the options you may be able to find if you are pregnant and uninsured. However, you may want to check with a few insurance providers before you decide that you cannot get coverage- not all insurance providers will consider you completely insurable, and some may offer insurance at perhaps a higher premium with some stipulations. You may also wish to ask about stand alone plans for pregnancy- some offer this and not too many people are aware that such options exist, so, when in doubt, make sure that you are asking about the coverage you need before you decide that you won’t get it.